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Discovery Detectives: A Greek Mythtery

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This mystery kit includes lots of text; to participate, children should be able to read or have a helper. Questions? Contact Education Manager Megan Smead at

  • Activity: Cooperative Storytelling Mystery
  • Ages: 8+ with Adult
  • Players: 2+ People
  • Playing Time: 60+ Minutes
  • Donation: $5/Family

For years, ancient Greece enjoyed peace and harmony as the mythological gods and goddesses kept the world's monsters trapped in the Underworld. Now, chaos reigns as someone has unleashed five of these terrifying beasts to wreak havoc. Join Hermes, the god of travel and trickery, as you explore ancient locations, unlock the secrets of the Olympians, fight monstrous creatures, and restore tranquility to the realm!

Follow the clues. Find the culprit. Solve the case of the Greek Mythtery!


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What’s Included?

This 32-page Discovery Detectives mystery kit contains:

  • Printable Instructions
  • Reference Materials for “Hermes” (Character Descriptions, Location Clues, Monster Clues, Solution Key)
  • Opening Narrative
  • Gameplay Materials (Map of Mythological Greece, Olympians & Monsters Guide, Puzzle Scrolls, Investigation Sheets)

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