The Museum is currently closed for general admission

Now accepting reservations for private Small Group Visits starting in May 2021

Small Group Visits

Staff & Board

Museum Staff

Janine Dozier

Executive Director
(434) 977-1025 x101

Beth Solak

Executive Director
(434) 977-1025 x101

Lindsay Jones

Director of Operations
(434) 977-1025 x102

Matt Berman

Marketing Manager
(434) 977-1025 x103

Frankie Szynskie

Education Manager
(434) 977-1025 x105

Lara Musser

Education Manager
(434) 977-1025 x106

Emily Yu

Saturday Front Desk Manager
(434) 977-1025

Board of Directors

  • Meghan Badke
  • Katrina Callsen
  • Chris Cullinan
  • Jen Eberline
  • Chris Heins, Chair
  • Lila Heymann
  • Ashley Howard
  • Andrea Hubbell
  • Julie McClure
  • Jessica Phillips, Vice Chair
  • Kennedy Prentiss, Secretary
  • Arthur Rogers
  • Jill Simandl, Treasurer

Contact Us

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