Explore the stars with StarLab, the Virginia Discovery Museum’s portable, inflatable planetarium! Turning on the 360-degree projector inside the dome is always met with the same reaction: “Wow!” If you would like to bring this fascinating teaching tool to your school or organization, please contact VDM at or (434) 977-1025 x106 to set up a visit led by one of our trained education staff.

Rules & Requirements  |  Rental Rates

StarLab Rules & Requirements

  • Space Requirements: Indoor area at least 25 ft. x 25 ft. with minimum ceiling height of 11 ft.
  • Setup & Breakdown: 30 minutes to set up and 30 minutes to take down
  • Planetarium Capacity: StarLab holds approximately 25 people at a time
  • Program Length: Most StarLab programs run about one hour per group
  • Supervision Required: All teachers and classroom volunteers will enter StarLab with their classes
  • Noise: Quiet is essential during presentations; physical education or other noisy activities should not be nearby

Rental Rates

  • Base Rental (2 Hours): $150 (Includes Setup, 1-Hour Program, Breakdown)
  • Additional Program Time: $100 per Hour
  • Transportation Fee: $30 per Half Hour of Travel

Program length is capped at 6 hours maximum. In addition to the program time, please allot a half hour before and after the program for our staff to set up and break down the StarLab equipment. To inquire about StarLab availability or to book StarLab, contact VDM at or (434) 977-1025 x106.