An Annual Celebration of Everything Science

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the Virginia Discovery Museum's annual Kid*Vention will not take place in February 2021, but we hope to host our family science festival soon. Every February, this community event inspires children to explore the world around them with all their senses as families meet dozens of local exhibitors and investigate biology, chemistry, environmental science, engineering, physics, zoology, and more through hands-on demonstrations, experiments, and games.

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2022 Festival

Date: TBD
Time: TBD
Location: TBD

Location & Parking Map: TBD


Children 2 & Up
with Adult Caregiver

No Registration Required


$10 Donation
(Per Family)

Includes Same-Day VDM Visit

2020 Featured Exhibitors

Local exhibitors are at the heart of Kid*Vention, which celebrated its 21st year in 2020. The Museum welcomed 47 diverse groups to that year’s festival, including seven featured exhibitors.


Activity: Food Detectives

Food detectives assemble … various unhealthy ingredients have been hidden in our food through tricky advertising! Kid*Ventors will crack the case by investigating what’s really in some popular foods as they learn how to read labels, identify certain artificial ingredients, and choose healthy alternatives.

Charlottesville – A Green City

Activity: “How to Be a Green Kid in a Green City”

Go green! Kid*Ventors will gather some helpful tips about sustainability, including how to save energy, save water, compost, and keep our water clean, then create their own Sustainability Fortune-Tellers to share these green tips with family and friends.

Charlottesville Area Tree Stewards

Activity: “Leaf Matching”

Bring the outdoors in! Kid*Ventors will match different leaves to their corresponding woody perennial plants as they discover Virginia’s many native trees.

National Speech Language and Hearing Association at UVA

Activity: “Be Mine, Valentine” & “What Do You Eggs-Pect?”

Listen closely! Kid*Ventors will learn about signs for speech and hearing delays as they work to match heart-warming words to their rhyming partners and deduce what’s inside various egg-shakers.

Rivanna Conservation Alliance

Activity: “Exploring the Rivanna Watershed”

Make a splash! Kid*Ventors will create a watershed model as they discover how streams and rivers form, search for aquatic critters in a virtual stream, and learn how local scientists and volunteers monitor and protect water quality in our community.

Rockfish Valley Foundation

Activity: “Environmental Literacy”

Get in tune with nature! Kid*Ventors will identify animals by observing pelts, droppings, and mounts; discover how to attract and repel different wildlife; and learn what to do when they encounter injured or orphaned animals.


Activity: #TechGirlsChallenge

Spread the Internet health movement! Kid*Ventors will customize a security avatar “trading card” as they practice different ways to protect their privacy online. Will you be a Password Genius, Sharing Hero, Data Guardian, Privacy Doctor, or Clickbait Expert?

2020 Sponsors

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Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Contact Director of Operations Lindsay Jones at (434) 977-1025 x102 or to learn more about the Museum’s Kid*Vention family science festival.