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Disappearing Eggshell

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  • Uncooked Egg
  • Vinegar
  • Cup
  1. Carefully place your uncooked egg into a cup.
  2. Add vinegar so your whole egg is covered.
  3. Put the cup in a safe spot and wait overnight.
  4. Check your egg the next morning, and take a look at the shell! What happened to it?
  5. Carefully remove your egg from the cup and gently wash off any remaining eggshell with water.

The Science Behind the Disappearing Egg Shell

Eggshells contain calcium carbonate, which reacts with the acid in the vinegar. The acid breaks up the calcium, and as it floats away, the carbonate reacts with the acid. The bubbles you see all over your egg is carbon dioxide created by this reaction.

What other liquids do you think could remove an egg shell?

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