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Construction Zone

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Things to Explore
  • Train Table: Lay track and conduct trains over our giant train table.
  • Climbing Mats: Balance, tumble, slide, and more over soft mats.
  • Tegu Blocks: Build up and OUT with magnetic wood blocks.
  • KEVA Planks: Stack and balance or construct complex structures.
  • Light Table: Create colorful towers with translucent Magnetiles.

From the wonder of seeing an architectural creation take shape to the delight in toppling it over with a sudden crash, block play provides children with a valuable opportunity to exercise their spatial skills and language, critical thinking, and creativity. Sponsored by Patriot Aluminum, the Museum’s spacious Construction Zone is equipped with a variety of block types and building stations to facilitate gross motor and fine motor development, solo and group play, and exploration and experimentation. Stations change and rotate every four to six months.

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