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Sound & Music Studio

The Sound & Music Studio, sponsored by Bama Works, children will experience the vibrations that make sound and how they are translated into music through instruments. Vibrations can travel through different medium and these instruments are vehicles for these vibrations and noises, ultimately creating a melodious sound.

Upon entering the room, children can first try out our tuning fork station. Gently hit a tuning fork. This makes the tuning fork vibrate, which produces a sound. How do you create a different sound with the tuning forks? 

The standing wave tube, illustrates the invisible virbrations of sound. Simply press the button and see how the foam beads react to the sound and line up in teh shape of a wave! Use the knob to change the sound and see how the wave reacts. Different sounds will affect how tall the wave peaks are (amplitude) and how far apart they are (frequency).

Visitors can then venture to play one of the many instruments available in the Instrument Gallery. Choose an instrument and compose your own melody or give one to each family member and create a family band. Try playing a beat or melody for someone else to copy, or playing along while singing a favorite song. Then, take a chance on the wall piano!


Finally, the composing station features iPad apps allowing visitors to write their own melody or play games that challenge their song memory. Don't be afraid to sing along to your favorite song!