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Sensory Letters

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  • Pie Tin / Paper Plate
  • Cornmeal / Sand / Flour

Sensory play supports early learning by building connections in the brain. Combining alphabet practice with tactile experience will help reinforce letter recognition.

  1. Pour just enough cornmeal into the pie tin to cover the bottom.
  2. Use your finger to trace letters in the cornmeal.
Age Adjustments:
  • Younger Children:
    • Say a letter aloud, and ask your child draw it.
    • Work on phonics: Make a letter sound, and ask your child to draw the letter that makes the sound.
  • Older Children:
    • Tell your child a word, and ask them to draw the letter with which it starts.
    • Make it more challenging: Ask your child to draw the letter with which the word ends.

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