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Construction Zone

Block play is perhaps the single most valuable play for developing a wide range of early learning skills. The Construction Zone, sponsored by Patriot Aluminum, encourages kids to think creatively to build wondrous architectural displays. The soft blue foam blocks of Imagination Playground allow for large scale manifestations, while the natural wood Keva Planks are reserved for delicate and dexterous constructions. Use the blocks to build whatever you can dream of! Young children may enjoy laying the blocks in a line or knocking down something that was built for them. Older children may want to build more specific creations. KEVA planks can be lined up on edge to create a chain reaction, like dominoes. The big Imagination Playground blocks require builders to practice gross motor skills, while the small KEVA Planks exercise fine motor skills. 

Just across from these fun blocks is an expanded train table built by GK Heimgartner, LLC and painted by volunteers from S&P Global. Use the wooden train pieces to assemble a track, use an existing track to drive a train on, or drive a train directly on the table. Some children may enjoy the challenge of balancing a bridge and carefully navigating a train across while others may prefer working as a team to create a route that stays on the surface of the table. 

Then, before heading to the hallway, children can build small scale displays out of magnetiles or wedgits and watch as the colored lights from the Light Table flow through them.