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Discovery Detectives: Crayon Chaos

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This mystery kit includes lots of text; to participate, children should be able to read or have a helper. Questions? Contact Education Manager Frankie Szynskie at

  • Activity: Cooperative Storytelling Mystery
  • Ages: 6-12, with Adult
  • Players: 4-8 People
  • Playing Time: 45-60 Minutes
  • Donation: $5/Family

Since 1902, the Binny-Smith Crayon Company has led the way in color creation and innovation, providing crayon connoisseurs around the world with access to their favorite hues. Passed down from generation to generation, the company is now run by a colorful cadre of cousins: Rusty, Jet, Indigo, Sage, Rose, Jade, Brown, and Mauve. But the factory’s brilliant past might be about to fade for good: The family’s color collection has gone missing, and someone has left behind only white crayons …

Pick your character. Follow the clues. Find the culprit, and solve the case of the Crayon Chaos!


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What’s Included?

This 36-page Discovery Detectives mystery kit contains:

  • Printable Instructions
  • Setup Materials (Character Chart & “Detective”, “Clue”, and “Solution” Cards)
  • Opening Narrative
  • Gameplay Materials (Name Tags, Evidence List, Investigation Sheet)
  • 3 Supplemental Activity Walkthroughs (Fingerprinting, Hot Rock Crayon Art, Crayon Slime)

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