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Force & Motion

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This is an all-in-one activity kit available for pre-order and pickup or restricted delivery. Supplies are limited. Questions? Contact Director of Operations Lindsay Jones at

  • Kit Type: Box Kit
  • Ages: 4+ with Adult
  • Cost: $25 Each
  • Availability: Deadline Passed
  • Online Ordering: July 24-27
  • Contactless Pickup: July 29
  • Free Delivery: July 29 (Charlottesville Addresses Only)

Ready … set … go! Investigate force and motion across four hands-on STEM builds. Pull back and launch a Slingshot Rocket through the air as you explore potential and kinetic energy, gravity, and energy transference; watch the Magnus Glider spin, curve, and float as you learn about air pressure and the force known as the Magnus Effect; experiment with the four forces of flight - lift, drag, thrust, and weight - as you test how far the Ring Wing Flyer can travel; and put Newton’s Laws of Motion to the test as you inflate the Balloon Car and watch it zip and zoom around the room.

Note: This kit includes a small sampling of activities from our Invention Lab virtual camp. If your child is registered for that camp, we suggest waiting for a later kit.

Ordering Closed

Details about pickup/delivery will be sent to the email address provided at checkout.

What’s Included?

The “Force & Motion” kit contains:

  • 4 Hands-On STEM Builds: Slingshot Rocket, Magnus Glider, Ring Wing Flyer, Balloon Car
  • All Necessary Build Materials
  • Step-by-Step Instructions

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