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The Virginia Discovery Museum is a resource for all children of our community. Children learn best in an inclusive environment where our differences are celebrated. As it has done for the past three decades, VDM will continue to serve the interests, needs and abilities of children of all backgrounds. We are committed to enabling our community's youngest members to play and learn together in a joyful, safe, and loving environment.

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Alphabet I Spy

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“I Spy” is a classic game you can play anywhere and at any time. Make it alphabet themed, and see if you can spy all the way from A to Z!

  1. Starting with letter A, Player 1 looks around and silently chooses an item they can see that begins with that letter.
  2. Player 1 announces, “I spy, with my little eye, something that begins with the letter A.”
  3. Player 2 guesses items they can see that begin with that letter until they guess the correct one.
  4. Players alternate roles for letter B and so on until they reach the end of the alphabet.

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