Hours: Mon-Sat, 10am-5pm

Toddler Time

Every Wednesday, Thursday at 10:30am-11:00am

Next Meeting: Wednesday, March 1, 2017 at 10:30am


Ages 1 to 3, with Adult
Meets in the Creation Station

Included with Museum Admission

Our youngest visitors are invited to join us for short, playful activities at an appropriate developmental level. On a rotating schedule, we will explore sensory activities, practice fine and gross motor skills (like crafts and dance parties, respectively), and learn about the world around us (toddler science).

Program Schedule
  • Jan. 4 & 5: Bubble Wrap (Gross Motor Skills)
  • Jan. 11 & 12: Melted Snowman Art (Fine Motor Skills)
  • Jan. 18 & 19: Ice (Toddler Science)
  • Jan. 25 & 26: Indoor Snow (Sensory Activity)
  • Feb. 1 & 2: Texture Hearts (Sensory Activity)
  • Feb. 8 & 9: Valentine Craft (Fine Motor Skills)
  • Feb. 15 & 16: Safe Magnets (Toddler Science)
  • Feb. 22 & 23: Snowflake Dancing (Gross Motor Skills)

*This program is offered twice a week, allowing you to choose the day that best suits your schedule.

Additional Resources

Exploratory Play: In exploratory play, children use their senses (such as sight, touch, and hearing) to explore the world around them. This type of play can help support a child’s understanding of cause and effect. Learn More

Fine Motor Skills: Early experiences with art — including drawing, cutting, and writing — allow children to develop fine motor skills, which use the muscles of the hand, fingers, and thumb. These skills lay the foundation for later academic achievement. Learn More